During this holiday season, we think of the people who inspire us to do good all year round.

The Journalist with the Heart of an Activist

“This is advocacy journalism of the most persuasive kind — impassioned but never shrill or argumentative, solidly grounded in facts patiently marshaled to make the case. . . . In Lessons From a Dark Time and Other Essays, Hochschild builds his evidence with the skill and rigor of a master bricklayer. . . . Repeatedly, in his hands, the past becomes vividly rendered prologue to the present.”San Francisco Chronicle




A Tireless Activist for Feminism

“Grace Boggs has long been a major voice of hope and action for transformation of the United States and the world. Here, in The Next American Revolution, is her testimony of hope and program for action. It must be taken seriously.”

—Immanuel Wallerstein, author of Utopistics: or, Historical Choices of the Twenty-first Century




Standing Up for the Wrongfully Convicted

“Mark Godsey’s Blind Injustice is about how his career change also changed his outlook, by showing us ‘problems in the system that I, as a prosecutor, should have seen, but about which I had simply been in denial’. . . . Mr Godsey’s work is memorable because he is able to show precisely how these flaws work in action.”The Economist




 The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Jody Williams is a grassroots activist at her heart, committed to empowering all individuals to believe in their ability and their right to contribute to a better world. A forceful leader in advancing the recognition of the key role of ‘citizen diplomacy’ in confronting and resolving our common challenges in today’s fast changing world. Whether she’s speaking or writing, she is clear, concise and eloquent when advancing her views of global activism.”—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate