There are disciplines within the academy that would not exist the way they do if UC Press didn’t exist.”

On the occasion of our 125th anniversary, we reflect not only on the Press’s milestones and illustrious publishing history but also look ahead to see the work to be done, true to our mission.

Please enjoy these brief looks at what our authors, editors, designers, and more have to say regarding the 125th anniversary of UC Press. Consider joining the Press community by making a donation to the UC Press Foundation. Many thanks!



About the UC Press Foundation

As a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the UC Press Foundation raises funds to support UC Press and its vital role as an independent progressive publisher. Donations from both individuals and institutions enable UC Press to publish nearly 200 new books and over 30 multi-issue journals annually, maintain approximately 5,000 backlist titles in print, and offer some 3,000 books and all its journals in digital formats.