On our list of new titles this fall is a new edition of Darra Goldstein’s The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia. Published just in time for the book’s 25th anniversary, this new edition includes new photography, recipes, and a new essay from celebrated wine writer Alice Feiring.

To celebrate the new edition, UC Press staff came together to throw their own feast inspired by the cookbook, complete with an instinctively Georgian tablescape. Keep scrolling to see photos of our food spread and find out which dishes we dined on!


Our potluck included a variety of Georgian dishes, including:

  • Georgian Cheese Bread (Khachapuri)
  • Honey Cake (Taplis Namtskhvari)
  • Tea Cake (Chais Namtskhvari)
  • Green Bean Salad (Mtsvane Lobios Salati)
  • Beet Puree (Charkhlis Mkhali)
  • Vegetable Medley (Adzhapsandali)
  • Red Pepper Pickle (Mzhave Bulgaruli Tsitsaka)
  • Georgian Egg Salad (Azeliila)
  • Candied Walnuts (Gozzinaki)
  • Kidney Bean Salad (Lobio)
  • Pickled Leeks (Mzhave Prasi)
  • Cilantro Sauce (Kindzis Satsebela)
  • Meatloaf (Chizhi-Pizhi)
  • Potatoes with Walnuts (Kartopili Nigvzit)

Interested in learning more about Georgian food? Check out some sample recipes in our National Cookbook Month recipe archive.