Dig for Dinosaurs on your iPhone

Now you can explore hundreds of dinosaur fossils on your iPhone with the new Dinosaurs app from the American Museum of Natural History, created with Lowell Dingus, co-author of Barnum Brown: The Man who Discovered Tyrannosaurus rex. Dingus is research associate in vertebrate paleontology at the museum, and his co-author Mark Norell is chair of the paleontology department.

The app shows a mosaic of a Tyrannosaurus rex, made up of more than 800 images from the museum’s dinosaur collection. Zoom in on any tile to view more photos and see what the dinosaurs once looked like, read the stories behind the major dinosaur groups, and share comments and photos of your favorite dinos. You can also find details about the paleontologists who unearthed the world’s most famous fossils, including a letter from Barnum Brown announcing his T-rex discovery. The Dinosaurs app is free through iTunes, and was rated the #1 free educational app earlier this week. Read reviews of the app from MuseumMobile and PCMag.
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  1. Fossils is brand of paleontology whict it can use determine age and palaeoenvironment. i very interesting about this site because can add to knowledge about fossils.thanks

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