Attending the American Anthropological Association conference in San Jose? No doubt your schedule is already jam packed, but make sure to stop by the UC Press booth (#414) to save 40% on new and bestselling titles in the field. As the conference continues, follow along with the #AmAnth18 blog series to learn more about our new titles and authors.

Check Out These AAA Sessions Featuring UC Press Authors:

Wednesday, November 14th:

2:15-4:00PM: Ethnographic Inquiries about Drugs, Prescription and Otherwise (Amy Cooper)


Thursday, November 15th:

8:00-9:45AM: The Cultural Work of Aesthetics: Brazilian Notions of the “Beautiful” and the Crafting of Self/Other Dichotomies (Alvaro Jarrín)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Temporalities of Toxicities (Daniel Renfrew)

4:15-6:00PM: Emotional States, Envy, and the Politics of Accusation (Jarrett Zigon)

4:15-6:00PM: The Charismatic Inorganic (Katie Kilroy-Marac)


Friday, November 16th:

8:00-9:45AM: Engaged Urbanism: Imagining the Just City—Resistance, Translation and the Production of Critical Anthropological Knowledge (Claudio Sopranzetti)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Speaking, Experiencing, Being: A Panel in Honor of Elinor Ochs (Jarrett Zigon)

4:15-6:00PM: Immigration and Mental Health in the Age of Trump (Alyshia Gálvez)


Saturday, November 17th:

8:00-9:45AM: Engaging the Legacy of Experiential and Performative Anthropology: Anthropological Imaginations Today (Susan Brownell)

8:00-9:45AM: Feminist Genealogies and the Anthropological Imagination: New Research from the Andean Region (Florence Babb)

10:15AM-12:00PM: The Plantation Condition: A Conversation among Anna Tsing, Paulla Ebron, and Julie Guthman (Julie Guthman)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Between Imperial Pasts and Humanoid Futures: A Session in Dialogue with Jennifer Robertson (Sabine Fruhstuck, Jennifer Robertson)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Global, Citizen, Human, Problem II: The Ongoing Impact of Aihwa Ong’s Anthropology (Andrew Lakoff)

2:00-3:45PM: Guerrilla Marketing: Capitalism and Counterinsurgency in Colombia (Ieva Jusionyte)

4:15-6:00PM: Practice of Paradox (Alaina Lemon)


Sunday, November 18th:

8:00-9:45AM: Chronic disaster: Reimagining Diet-Related Disease As Structural Violence (Alyshia Gálvez)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Part II: Chronic disaster: Reimagining Diet-Related Disease As Structural Violence (Alyshia Gálvez)

10:15AM-12:00PM: Dig In: Cultivating Resilience and Inclusion in Alternative Food Justice Settings (Alison Alkon)