“My wish [is] to screw—tinker, tighten, and pressure, rather than altogether dispense with—consent.” —Joseph J. Fischel, author of Screw Consent: A Better Politics of Sexual Justice

Joseph. J. Fischel discusses the consent paradigm and how, while necessary for effective sexual assault law, it diminishes and perverts our ideas about desire, pleasure, and injury. In addition to the criticisms against consent leveled by feminist theorists of earlier generations, Fischel elevates three more: consent is insufficient, inapposite, and riddled with scope contradictions for regulating and imagining sex. Fischel proposes instead that sexual justice turns more productively on concepts of sexual autonomy and access. Clever, witty, and adeptly researched, Fischel’s Screw Consent promises to change how we understand consent, sexuality, and law in the United States today.


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