In this day and age, what does it mean to be a scholar-activist? Do you begin with a set of assumptions and subject them to rigorous research? Do you advocate for issues you’re passionate about? Do you commit to doing research that affects public policy? #ScholarActivist

At this year’s American Sociological Association conference in Philadelphia (August 11 – 14), as conference attendees consider the theme of “Feeling Race“, we at UC Press ask attendees to consider a second layer to the issue—how your work in the academy is an example of engaged scholarship. #ASA18 

Getting Published: Editors Partnering with Scholar-Activists

Naomi Schneider, Executive Editor

In last month’s Chronicle of Higher Education, Naomi shared how book editors find projects and discussed how publishing fosters her role as an activist:

“Publishing books has enabled me to combine my intellectual and political passions. I’m a nerd/leftist who still feels, naïvely perhaps, that books can change the world. The list I’ve developed reflects my commitment to publishing books that can shape conversations, and mold our understanding of key issues. This has given me a way to express myself as an intellectual and as an activist.”

At ASA, see Naomi at the “Getting a Book Published” session on Saturday, August 11 from 2:30 – 4:10 pm at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Level 100, 111A.

Maura Roessner, Senior Editor

Maura shares what she loves about being an acquisitions editor and gives advice on how authors can make an impact with their work. On being an editor, Maura notes:

“Since I publish books on criminology and law, I actively seek out critical voices that confront the criminal justice crisis. I work with authors to develop tools for readers to better understand the deep inequalities in our systems of justice and to act as catalysts for change. This behind-the-scenes work–building crucial bridges between the academy and the trenches–is humbling and awe-inspiring.”

Author Sessions

Keep an eye out for updates on author sessions, including Miranda Waggoner (The Zero Trimester), SSSP’s C. Wright Mills Award Finalist; Sharon Sassler and Amanda Miller (Cohabitation Nation); and many more.

Authors as Scholar-Activists

Throughout the ASA conference, we’ll be sharing blog posts from scholar-activists such as Nikki Jones (The Chosen Ones), Ranita Ray (The Making of a Teenage Service Class),  Fred Block (Capitalism), Jeff Ferrell (Drift), and many others. #ScholarActivists

You as a Scholar-Activist: Tweet and Win

What does it mean to you to be a scholar-activist? Go to Twitter and tweet to @ucpress “I am a #ScholarActivist because__,” sharing how you’re advocating your activism through your research and engagement with the scholarly community and beyond, and you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win $100 worth of UC Press books.

And, please come visit us at ASA Exhibit Booth # 205-207 to see books that share ideas that make an impact.