As many graduate students prepare for the upcoming fall semester, here are some tips on the 5 Things Most People Get Wrong About Grad School according to Zachary Shore, author of Grad School Essentials: A Crash Course in Scholarly Skills.

Read what grad students at The Ohio State University have to say about the book:

  • “This easy read walks the reader through concrete, relatable examples from academic environments, and encourages the student to engage in clever strategies to make the most of their time and their academic effort. … This book will definitely help graduate students earn that degree they covet.”—Fabio Correa Duran, graduate student in Anthropology
  • “Incredibly engaging and relatable.”—Sarah A. Hinkelman, graduate student in Anthropology
  • “An honest look into the life of a grad student, offering anecdote and nuggets of advice throughout that reassure and relieve the anxieties we all experience.”—Emily L. Knox, graduate student in Knowlton School of Architecture
  • “Grad School Essentials does not pull punches. Obtaining a graduate degree is hard but this book can help. It has changed the way I approach my readings and I’d recommend it to any grad student who feels like they don’t belong here.”—Tom Pitkin, graduate student in Anthropology

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