As part of our “Resources for Your Summer Research” blog series, below are a few titles that you can add to your library and share in your research on reproductive justice. 

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Reproductive Justice: An Introduction by Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger

“Controlling reproduction and the bodies of women seems to be the first step in every hierarchy. That’s why reproductive justice—women having power over our own bodies—is the crucial first step toward any democracy, any human rights, and any justice.”

—Gloria Steinem

Read more about Loretta’s thoughts on the link between white supremacy, reproductive justice, and the rise in teen pregnancies.

And read more from Rickie regarding what life was like for women in the U.S. before Roe vs. Wade.




The Zero Trimester: Pre-Pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk by Miranda R. Waggoner

“This meticulously researched and beautifully written book not only reveals the deep roots of the modern idea of the ‘zero trimester,’ but also makes clear the paradoxical consequences of anticipatory motherhood for women and infants, reproductive justice and gender equality.  Sociologists, historians, and women themselves owe Waggoner a debt of gratitude for this lucid, engaging ethnography that examines what it really means to imagine all women as mothers all the time.”

—Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong, Princeton University

Miranda’s book is a finalist for Society for the Study of Social Problems’ 2017 C. Wright Mills Award, to be awarded this August.

Read more about Miranda’s thoughts on the ongoing offensives against maternal and reproductive health.


Taking Baby Steps: How Patients and Fertility Clinics Collaborate in Conception by Jody Lyneé Madeira

“Taking Baby Steps offers readers a respectful intimacy with its subjects alongside an insightful account of the role of law and of technology. A massive contribution to the field of reproductive rights and practices.”

—Carol Sanger, Professor of Law, Columbia University, and author of About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in Twenty-First-Century America

Read more about Jody’s thoughts on the ART of protecting autonomy in IVF.





Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women behind Bars by Carolyn Sufrin

“There were pregnant women in every prison and jail I have been held in or have visited. Carolyn Sufrin holds the fates of these women and their children up to the light and reveals the complexity of motherhood and reproductive justice in the most difficult circumstances—behind bars. Jailcare is a moving and galvanizing story of pregnant women in jail and those responsible for their health. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about women, children, and justice.”

—Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison

Read more about Carolyn’s experience working with pregnant women behind bars.


And learn about other UC Press titles on reproductive justice.