As part of our “Resources for Your Summer Research” blog series, we present some of our primary sources in Music to enrich your reading as you prepare for the coming academic year. Spend your summer in the company of these great minds.

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The Doctor Faustus Dossier: Arnold Schoenberg, Thomas Mann, and Their Contemporaries, 1930-1951
Edited by E. Randol Schoenberg, with an Introduction by Adrian Daub

“The storied triangulation of Schoenberg, Mann, and Adorno in all its contentious glory is presented in the most comprehensive assemblage of primary documents ever gathered in English translation. Adrian Daub’s introduction on California as the incubator for this controversy is essential reading.”—Joy H. Calico, author of Arnold Schoenberg’s “A Survivor from Warsaw” in Postwar Europe

“This splendid collection of letters and documents by two major figures in twentieth-century culture is an impressive achievement. It presents Schoenberg and Mann’s correspondence and writings by their contemporaries about Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus, still one of the great literary investigations of music, creativity, and madness.”—Edward Dimendberg, University of California, Irvine

Style and Idea: Selected Writings, 60th Anniversary Edition
by Arnold Schoenberg; Edited by Leonard Stein; Translated by Leo Black; with Foreword by Joseph Henry Auner

One of the most influential collections of music ever published, Style and Idea includes Schoenberg’s writings about himself and his music as well as studies of many other composers and reflections on art and society. An interpretive essay by Joseph Auner, Chair and Professor of Music at Tufts University, augments this anniversary edition.




Nostalgia for the Future: Luigi Nono’s Selected Writings and Interviews
by Luigi Nono; Edited by Angela Ida De Benedictis and Veniero Rizzardi; Translated by John O’Donnell; With a Foreword by Nuria Schoenberg Nono

Finally English-speaking readers will have access to Nono’s courageous and humane vision of how music can impact the real world, a message that has new and urgent relevance today.”—Anne C. Shreffler, Harvard University

Nostalgia For the Future opens the door to Nono’s provocative and personal voice. It will change scholarship, not just about Nono but about music.”—Eric Chasalow, Director of BEAMS, the Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio


Treatise on Musical Objects: An Essay across Disciplines
by Pierre Schaeffer; Translated by Christine North and John Dack

The Treatise on Musical Objects is regarded as Pierre Schaeffer’s most important work on music and its relationship with technology. Schaeffer expands his earlier research in musique concrète to suggest a methodology of working with sounds based on his experiences in radio broadcasting and the recording studio. Drawing on acoustics, physics, and physiology, but also on philosophy and the relationship between subject and object, Schaeffer’s essay summarizes his theoretical and practical work in music composition. Translators Christine North and John Dack present an important book in the history of ideas in Europe that will resonate far beyond electroacoustic music.


In Search of a Concrete Music
by Pierre Schaeffer; Translated by Christine North and John Dac

“One of the postwar perìod’s most significant (and readable) grapplings with new artistic paradigms.”Frieze

“Completely changed how I hear the world and, after more than 30 years, I am still living with the consequences.”The Wire

“Schaeffer’s prose, translated masterfully by North and Dack, captures these uneven rhythms of intuition and perplexity, and his imagination and wit as he sets his observations not only against official and unofficial histories of music, but against contemporary art, poetry, and science.”Los Angeles Review Of Books