While at the Rhetoric Society of America conference in Minneapolis (occurring May 31 – June 3), learn more about our newest series in Communication—Rhetoric & Public Culture: History, Theory, Critique.

Rhetoric & Public Culture: History, Theory, Critique

This book series publishes scholarly books written in the spirit of Kenneth Burke, specifically books which model his unique scholarly skill set, exhibiting all-too-rare combinations of historical insight, cultural awareness, critical attunement, conceptual sophistication, and interdisciplinary compulsion.

The series is now accepting submissions for book proposals written at a variety of scholarly intersections, including rhetorical and political thought, communication and social theory, and intellectual and cultural history. Visit our site to learn more about how to submit a proposal to series editors Dilip Gaonkar and Samuel McCormick.






Join Us – Become an Author

Are you attending RSA this weekend? If you would like to consider publishing with us on the Communication list, please read our book proposal guidelines and set up an appointment to meet Executive Editor Lyn Uhl at RSA. #RSA50