In celebration of the International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, which is convening this week in Barcelona, the editors of PHR have curated a selection of articles of interest to Latin American Studies scholars, which we are making available for free for a limited time:

A Grave Offense of Significant Consequences’: Mexican Perspectives on U.S. Immigration Restriction during the Late 1920s
Benjamin C. Montoya

“The Struggle for Freedom, Justice, and Equality Trancends Racial and National Boundaries”: Anti-Imperialism, Multiracial Alliances, and the Free Huey Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area
Aaron Byungjoo Bae

“The Greatest Nation on Earth”: The Politics and Patriotism of the First Anglo American Immigrants to Mexican Texas, 1820–1824
Sara K.M. Rodriguez

White Plague, Mexican Menace: Migration, Race, Class, and Gendered Contagion in El Paso, Texas, 1880 –1930
Heather M. Sinclair

Wobblies of the Partido Liberal Mexicano: Reenvisioning Internationalist and Transnational Movements through Mexican Lenses
Devra Anne Weber

Early California Reconsidered: Mexicans, Anglos, and Indians at Mission San José
James A. Sandos and Patricia B. Sandos

We hope that these articles will provoke discussion among LASA attendees and the wider community of Latin American studies scholars. We encourage you to post/comment online using the #LASA2018 hashtag and to follow our other posts for the conference. For access to additional PHR content, please subscribe and/or recommend the journal to your institution’s library.