Going to Southern Sociological Society conference this week from April 4- 7 in New Orleans? Make sure to attend the author meets critics sessions to learn more about books that discuss racial theory and politics in today’s political climate. Purchase books at the conference.

Author Meets Critic Sessions

Thursday, 4/5 at 10:15am, Blaine Kern C Room
Miranda Waggoner, author of The Zero Trimester: Pre-Pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk

“Sociologists, historians, and women themselves owe Miranda R. Waggoner a debt of gratitude for this lucid, engaging ethnography that examines what it really means to imagine all women as mothers all the time.”—Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong, Princeton University

The Zero Trimester breaks new ground in exposing deeply rooted assumptions about women as mothers in the new public health focus on pre-pregnancy. Essential reading for anyone interested in gender, medicine, and health policy.”—Rene Almeling, Yale University, and author of Sex Cells

“A compelling and important account of the deeply troubling consequences of the creation of the zero trimester. As Waggoner warns us, anticipatory motherhood is a brave new world that has, in part, already arrived.”—Kristin K. Barker, author of The Fibromyalgia Story

Friday, 4/6 at 1:15pm, Blain Kern C Room
Marcus Anthony Hunter and Zandria F. Robinson, authors of Chocolate Cities: The Black Map of American Life

“A masterpiece! Chocolate Cities is a testament to the magic that is possible when you combine the funky wisdom of the Mothership with the best scholarship from the Ivory Tower.”—George Clinton, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musician and founder of Parliament Funkadelic

Chocolate Cities is simply the most instructive and illuminating book on American geography and culture I have ever read.”—Kiese Laymon, author of Long Division

“A significant, timely, and extraordinary book that needs to be read and considered far beyond the academy.”—Elijah Anderson, Yale University, author of The Cosmopolitan Canopy

Chocolate Cities is bold on too many levels to name and kicks up enough funk to provoke a major paradigm shift in research on Black places.”—Mary Pattillo, author of Black on the Block

Saturday, 4/7 at 8:45am, Blaine Kern C Room
Jean Beaman, author of Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France

Citizen Outsider uncovers the French ‘racial project’ and contributes brilliantly to an ongoing conversation on racial formation in a formally color-blind society.”—Patrick Simon, Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques and coeditor of Fear, Anxiety, and National Identity

“A compelling account of the social structures and expressions of racism in France today—and their individual and community resistances.”—David Theo Goldberg, University of California Humanities Research Institute and author of Are We All Postracial Yet?

“Whites in France lie to themselves and the world by proclaiming that they do not have institutional racism in their nation. Bravo to Jean Beaman for clearly documenting how ‘racism without racists’ operates in the French context!” —Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, president of American Sociological Association and author of Racism without Racists

“Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the role of immigration in the widening social cleavages on both sides of the Atlantic.”—Richard Alba, coauthor of Strangers No More

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