Attending this year’s Latin American Studies Association congress in Barcelona? Save 40% on new and bestselling titles in the field on our website with promo code 17E4899. Additionally, keep scrolling to check out this year’s sessions that feature UC Press authors. We hope that your conference is productive and enjoyable!

LASA Sessions Featuring UC Press Authors:

Wednesday, May 23rd:

12:30-2:00PM: Carceral Circuits: Prisons‚ Gang Violence‚ and Central American Cities (Anthony W. Fontes)

2:15-3:45PM: Creating Citizens: Civic Education in the Chilean Transition (Marian E. Schlotterbeck)


Lessons on Food Security‚ Transformation‚ and Solidarity‚ from Belo Horizonte‚ Brazil (Jahi M. Chappell)

When Waves Crash: Immigrant Distribution of European Cinema in Brazil‚ 1931-1950 (Nilo Fernando Couret)

Performing Tinkus in Santiago‚ Chile: Migrants’ Political Claims-making through Dance (Megan Ryburn)


Thursday, May 24th:

9:00-10:30AM: Xavier Albó’s Guaraní Research (Nancy G. Postero)

2:15-3:45PM: The Art of Labor – The Labor of Art (Blanca Serrano)


Changing Challenges in the Modernization of Development Banks in Latin America: The Case of Mexico’s Nacional Financiera (Esteban Perez Caldentey)