As the Association for Asian American Studies convenes this week in San Francisco, we are making a selection of content from our journals program available to read for free for a limited time. We hope that these articles will provoke discussion among AAAS attendees and the wider community of Asian American studies scholars. We encourage you to post/comment online using the  hashtag.

Pacific Historical Review

The Japanese Agricultural Workers’ Program: Race, Labor, and Cold War Diplomacy in the Fields, 1956–1965
Mireya Loza

“Into the Dark Cold I Go, the Rain Gently Falling”: Hawai‘i Island Incarceration
Kelli Y. Nakamura

From Memory Making to Money Making?: Japanese Travel Writers’ Impressions of Cross-Cultural Interaction in the Southwestern Pacific Islands Battle Sites, 1962–2007
Ryota Nishino

Surviving the Bomb in America: Silent Memories and the Rise of Cross-national Identity
Naoko Wake

Four Centuries of Imperial Succession in the Comprador Pacific
Jason Oliver Chang

“Happy for John Hay That He Is Dead”: Chinese Students in America and the U.S. Recognition Policy for the Republic of China, 1909–1913
Daniel M. DuBois

Before Restriction Became Exclusion: America’s Experiment in Diplomatic Immigration Control
Beth Lew-Williams

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Journal of Vietnamese Studies

Toward a Critical Refugee Study: The Vietnamese Refugee Subject in US Scholarship
Yên Lê Espiritu

Protest and Political Incorporation: Vietnamese American Protests in Orange County, California, 1975––2001
David S. Meyer

Politics, Kinship, and Ancestors: Some Diasporic Dimensions of the Vietnamese Experience in North America
Louis-Jacques Dorais

Diaspora as Religious Doctrine: An “Apostle of Vietnamese Nationalism” Comes to California
Janet Hoskins

An Interview with Linh Ɖinh on His First Novel, Love Like Hate

Introduction: Epic Directions for the Study of the Vietnamese Diaspora
Alexander M. Cannon

Remembering the Boat People Exodus: A Tale of Two Memorials
Quan Tue Tran

“Over There”: Imaginative Displacements in Vietnamese Remittance Gift Economies
Ivan V. Small

From Reeducation Camps to Little Saigons: Historicizing Vietnamese Diasporic Anticommunism
Tuan Hoang

Vietnamese in Central Europe: An Unintended Diaspora
Christina Schwenkel

Global Chain of Marianism: Diasporic Formation among Vietnamese Catholics in the United States and Cambodia
Thien-Huong T. Ninh

Sacralizing the Diaspora: Cosmopolitan and Originalist Indigenous Religions
Janet Alison Hoskins

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Boom California

There and Back Again: A Vietnamese Journey
Andrew Lam

From the Green of Vietnam to Toes Painted with Nirvana

Susan Straight

Boom California‘s peer-reviewed articles exploring the vital issues of our time in California and the world beyond, are always free to read online. In coming weeks, Boom will be publishing additional articles on the theme of Vietnamese California, so please keep an eye on the site.