6 Elementa Articles for World Water Day 2018

In honor of World Water Day 2018 on March 22, we are pleased to highlight 6 water-focused articles from our open access, trans-disciplinary journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. With research on floods and droughts, oceans and rivers, agriculture and food-energy systems, these articles are among Elementa‘s many peer-reviewed scientific reports addressing water challenges and solutions in this era of human impact. #WorldWaterDay

Earth & Environmental Science, Sustainability Transitions

From Figure 7 in “Water depletion: An improved metric for incorporating seasonal and dry-year water scarcity into water risk assessments”

Water depletion: An improved metric for incorporating seasonal and dry-year water scarcity into water risk assessments
Brauman KA, Richter BD, Postel S, Malsy M, Flörke M. 2016.
18,296 views/downloads, 11 citations, Altmetric Score 105

Evolving deltas: Coevolution with engineered interventions
Welch AC, Nicholls RJ, Lázár AN. 2017.
367 views/downloads, Altmetric Score 7
Special Feature: Deltas in the Anthropocene


California’s drought as opportunity: Redesigning U.S. agriculture for a changing climate
Morris KS, Bucini G. 2016.
3,214 views/downloads, 1 citation, Altmetric Score 3
Forum: New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems

Earth & Environmental Science, Ocean Science, Sustainability Transitions

Effective inundation of continental United States communities with 21st century sea level rise
Dahl KA, Spanger-Siegfried E, Caldas A, Udvardy S. 2017.
4,495 views/downloads, Altmetric Score 65

Sustainability Transitions

From Figure 2 in “River restoration by dam removal: Enhancing connectivity at watershed scales”

River restoration by dam removal: Enhancing connectivity at watershed scales
Magilligan FJ, Graber BE, Nislow KH, Chipman JW, Sneddon CS, Fox CA. 2016.
10,290 views/downloads, 4 citations, Altmetric Score 42

Leveraging agroecology for solutions in food, energy, and water
DeLonge M, Basche A. 2017.
1,129 views/downloads, 2 citations, Altmetric Score 44
Forum: Food-Energy-Water Systems: Opportunities at the Nexus

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