To celebrate Women’s History Month, Feminist Media Histories will be highlighting articles from past issues, all of which document rich histories of women’s engagement with a range of media across diverse global contexts in key historical moments. Each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of March one FMH article will be free to download for 48 hours.

We begin with Annie Fee’s article on “les midinettes révoluntionnaires,” activist, working-class young women in 1920s Paris who were also avid cinema-goers. Other articles featured this month will trace modern womanhood in Egyptian melodrama, female stand-up comedy on 1960 and 70s TV, Italian antifascist filmmaker Cecilia Mangini, pinup photographer Bunny Yeager, women’s labor in the Japanese anime industry, and much more.

Featured articles highlight the range of special issues published by FMH, including recent issues on Labor, Comedy, Data, and Middle Eastern Media.

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—Shelley Stamp, Editor of Feminist Media Histories, UC Santa Cruz