Tomorrow marks the 125th anniversary of UC Press. Last week staff celebrated our quasquicentennial (say that three times fast for a real tongue twister!) with food and drink, and song and verse. Scroll on for a sampling of the festivities.

EDP (Editing, Design & Production) showing their style
The Acquisitions Team in the House
Clearly they should have won the “Separated at Birth” prize…
Take our word on it, I.T. is fun
Editorial Assistants Unite!
Interdepartmental collaboration
Fun and games means prizes…including theme-appropriate miniature piñatas
That’s us, smart & sassy

Our Mad Libs-esque fill-in-the-blank game brought good laughs both during and after the party…

We leave you with an original UC Press composition, ‘Seasons of Books’. Go ahead, feel free to join in.


On the occasion of our 125th anniversary, we reflect not only on the Press’s milestones and illustrious publishing history but also look ahead to see the work to be done, true to our mission. Throughout the year, join us in celebrating this landmark occasion—one that bolsters our commitment to driving progressive change by seeking out and cultivating the brightest minds. Follow along on social media: #UCP125