As a professor, you’ve spent this entire academic year supporting your students, preparing for lectures, and creating exams, all while trying to squeak out time to further your own research and writing.

This summer, carve out time to focus on your own work and research and use the right writing tools to help. Below are recommended titles that can help you focus on your scholarship, write—or rewrite—your work, and ensure your work is ready to be sent to publishers.

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming “Tools of the Trade” blog posts that can help you in your specific field of scholarship.


A Crash Course in Scholarly Writing—and Scholarly Skills

Grad School Essentials: A Crash Course in Scholarly Skills by Zachary Shore 

With humorous, lively prose, Shore teaches you to master the five most crucial skills you need to succeed: how to read, write, speak, act, and research at a higher level. Great for the novice scholar as well as for experienced one who may want a refresher, Shore shares quick writing tips on how to get to the point, structuring for clarity, and utilizing style tactics. He also provides valuable insight on how to make research more focused, efficient, and meaningful.


Revising, Rewriting, and Getting Published

Revising Your Dissertation: Advice from Leading Editors, Updated Edition edited by Beth Luey 

This lively guide offers hard-to-find practical advice on successfully turning a dissertation into a book or journal articles that will appeal to publishers and readers. It will help prospective authors master writing and revision skills, better understand the publishing process, and increase their chances of getting their work into print. Luey has you focus on what your writing for publication is really about, bringing your own voice, trimming and revising, and also discusses disciplinary variations.

Remembering the Basics

The Copyeditor’s Handbook:A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications, With Exercises and Answer Keys by Amy Einsohn

Though originally created for newcomers to publishing, and for experienced editors who want to fine-tune their skills or broaden their understanding of the craft, this perennial bestselling book has been used as a practical manual for all writers to hone their grammar, copyediting, writing, and rewriting skills.