The Time is Right, The Time is Now

Communication professors and scholars are in a unique position to guide the next generation in reshaping the values of our society to be more equitable and just.

To this end, we are proud to introduce the Communication for Social Justice Activism Series with series editors Patricia S. Parker of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Lawrence R. Frey of the University of Colorado Boulder. Communication for social justice activism involves people using communication theories, methods, pedagogies, and other practices to work with and for oppressed, marginalized, and under-resourced groups, as well as with activist groups and organizations, to intervene into inequitable systems and make their structures and practices more just.





Praise for the Series

“The time is right if not overdue for such a series. The three types of books each with their own series, is visionary. An array of resources, allowing teachers and students to select volumes that connect closely to their work is what is needed.”Spoma Jovanovic, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

“It stands to fill a significant gap in current literature in its integration of activism and social justice into core communication curricula. The series will offer a much-needed forum for a growing area of interest in the field, and one of deep urgency for communication pedagogy and scholarship.”Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, The University of Iowa

Join Us—Become an Author!

Proposals for the series should be submitted to Executive Editor Lyn Uhl at Manuscripts will then go through the University of California Press’ standard review and approval process.