By Lyn Uhl, Executive Editor of Communication

It’s been a busy year at the Press for Communication.

Introducing: Communication for Social Justice Activism Series

First off, we’re proud to announce our new series in Communication for Social Justice Activism. This series has been in development for months and now the call for proposals has been announced on CRTNET. Our wonderful co-editors Patricia S. Parker and Lawrence R. Frey are available via email to answer any questions and to help potential authors to shape their proposals. And I will be at the ICA conference later this week to meet with anyone who wants to discuss a book idea for the series.

Upcoming: Identity Complexities, Intersectionality, and Communication Series

Another series, to be edited by Cindy Griffin, is in development. The series title is Identity Complexities, Intersectionality, and Communication. The series encourages scholars to develop and explore intersectional approaches and orientations to understanding the ways we communicate about and within our social, cultural, political, ideological, and lived positions. Grounded in communication, the goals of this series are to stimulate and support scholarship and texts that

  • increase our understanding of the complexities of identities, their interlocking natures, and the ways those interlocking complexities make themselves known
  • develop a more complex and robust vocabulary around these understandings and the roles communication might play in this vocabulary and understanding
  • offer instructors accessible, contemporary, interesting, and provocative material for their classrooms.

Expect a call for proposals soon for this series!

Media Scholars

Are you a media scholar? I will be on a media listening tour during ICA. Please be in touch if you would like to discuss a book idea or if you would be willing to participate in a focus group for a new book series in media and technology.

Meet Me at ICA!

Again, I will be on site at ICA from May 25 -29. I’d would be happy to speak with you about any of the above book series or other book ideas you might have. You can reach me at or (617)905-3681. Schedule an appointment in advance or call when you have a free moment.

Looking forward to seeing you at ICA!