We invite you to submit your next paper to the Sustainable Engineering domain of Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, a trans-disciplinary, open-access journal whose mission is Open Science for the Public Good.

Elementa publishes original research with the ultimate objective of accelerating scientific solutions to the challenges presented by this era of human impact. Structured into six distinct knowledge domains, the Sustainable Engineering domain seeks to publish original research papers that address all aspects of engineering including the designing, building, and operating of structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. This includes specifically research in the energy, manufacturing, transportation, buildings, water, and materials domains. In accordance with the aims and scope of Elementa and with the precepts of sustainability, manuscripts are specifically sought from investigators conducting trans-disciplinary research on coupled human, built, and natural systems. To this end, it is expected that Sustainable Engineering will fill the publishing void that exists in the spaces between the social, natural, and engineering sciences.

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In addition to innovative features including a value-sharing business model and an article-promotion partnership with Kudos, Elementa articles are highly used and downloaded (see highlighted articles below). For the full Elementa story, visit our website at elementascience.org.

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There has never been a more important time to ensure that transparent, evidence-based, peer-reviewed research has the widest and most impactful dissemination as possible. Please consider submitting your engineering papers to Elementa or developing a Special Feature or Forum, and feel free to get in touch with Michael E. Chang, Georgia Institute of Technology, Editor in Chief for Sustainable Engineering, should you have any questions.

Special Forum open for submissions

Food-energy-water systems: Opportunities at the Nexus

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Geoengineering redivivus
Brad Allenby. 2014.
Total usage: 18,256 views/downloads since original publication Feb 12, 2014

Educational materials on sustainable engineering: Do we need a repository?
Cliff I. Davidson, Brad R. Allenby, Liv M. Haselbach, Miriam Heller, William E. Kelly. 2016.
Total usage: 8,192 views/downloads since original publication on Feb 23, 2016