How is Anne Kapuscinski’s research team finding new paths leading to a more sustainable future for aquaculture?

Published by Dartmouth Now, September 17, 2013 by Bonnie Barber.

Anne Kapuscinski and her team—Sarker, research assistant Mariah Coley ’11, James O. Freedman presidential scholars Alison Lanois ’15 and Erin Livesey ’15, and research intern Katie Bernhard ’15—hope to make commercial aquaculture diets more sustainable by incorporating marine micro-algae. In their latest experiment, they are seeking to determine what percentage of marine micro-algae can replace the fish oil currently used in aquaculture diets.

“We’re trying to find some sustainable substitutes. Micro-algae as a possible substitute are ideal for a species like tilapia that feeds low on the food chain and feeds on algae in nature.”

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