The working class has been seen as a forgotten and misunderstood group. Many claim that working class people—and white workers, in particular—tend to choose and vote against their own interests.

Recent discussions have centered on president-elect Donald Trump’s choices for his Cabinet and how they may not serve the needs of the working class. In preparation for the impending Trump presidency, how can you integrate discussions on labor and work into your classes?

Help your students understand the effects of today’s political climate. Find new titles for your courses on labor and work below and click on each title to quickly and easily request an exam copy. Review our exam copy policy. And feel free to email us with questions–we’re here to help!

Select Titles for Your Courses on Labor and Work

Viscelli.BigRigThe Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream by Steve Viscelli.

“[The Big Rig] generates powerful insights into two of the most fundamental questions about the nature of inequality in the United States today: Where do so many bad jobs come from, and why do people put up with them?”—Erik Olin Wright, author of Envisioning Real Utopias

“This riveting account shows how truck drivers—seeking the American dream—end up being harmed by changes in government policy and business practices. Excellent for a wide range of courses, including Introduction to Sociology.”—Annette Lareau, author of Unequal Childhoods

Read Penn Current’s interview and learn more from Steve Viscelli’s own words.

chen-cutlooseCut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy by Victor Tan Chen

Cut Loose is the most powerful and poignant study of the effects of prolonged joblessness in today’s economy that I have read. Chen’s illuminating and accessible study, which serves as a call to action, is a must-read.”—William Julius Wilson, Harvard University

Cut Loose is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the costs of globalization on the ground and the efficacy of social policy for protecting citizens caught in the grip of profound economic change.”—Katherine Newman, co-author of Learning to Labor in the 21st Century

Read Victor Tan Chen’s piece in The Atlantic. And learn more in his own words.

crain-invisiblelaborInvisible Labor: Hidden Work in the Contemporary World edited by Marion Crain, Winifred Poster, and Miriam Cherry

“This goes beyond previous works on invisible labor by providing a more nuanced conceptualization, examining a wide range of workplace contexts both domestic and transnational, and exploring the legal ramifications of hidden workers. All these elements will be incredibly useful for graduates and undergraduates.“—Jennifer Pierce, author of Racing for Innocence

“The emphasis on race and ethnicity with respect to the service sector in the U.S. is particularly welcome. Resonating with our everyday experiences of life, this is a lively and thought-provoking volume.”—Miriam Glucksmann, Emerita, University of Essex

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