UC Press is proud to be part of the AAUP’s fifth annual University Press Week, which has been centered this year on the theme of “community.” By celebrating and championing the mission-driven publishing we and over 40 of our scholarly press colleagues bring to the world this past week, we’ve messaged through our blog platforms the many ways that we reach countless and diverse educational, specialized research, and general interest communities.


#UPWeek’s blog tour began Monday, and concludes today. We’d like to dedicate this post quite literally to the theme of #FollowFriday, with a “blog roll” list of all member presses below. UC Press encourages you to follow the happenings of all of these exceptional university presses via their blogs, tumblrs, Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams throughout the year! #ReadUP

Northwestern University Press

Rutgers University Press

Fordham University Press

University of Toronto Press

Athabasca University Press

University Press of Florida

Seminary Co-op Bookstores

University of Texas Press

University of Calgary Press

Cornell University Press

University Press of Colorado

McGill-Queen’s University Press

Duke University Press

NYU Press

University Press of Kentucky

University Press of Kansas

Wayne State University Press

University of Washington Press

University Press of Mississippi

University of Wisconsin Press

Johns Hopkins Univ. Press

University of Chicago Press

Purdue University Press

Princeton University Press

Yale University Press

Indiana University Press

University of Michigan Press

Columbia University Press

MIT Press

University of Toronto Press Journals

UGA Press

University of Nebraska Press

University of Minnesota Press

University of North Carolina Press