photo-LinkedIn-Lyn.UhlIn this Q&A with Executive Executive Editor Lyn Uhl, we learn about what brought her to publishing and her plans for the new Communication list.

Why did you become an acquisitions editor? 

It seemed cooler than being a firefighter. As nerdy or cliché as it may sound, I chose publishing because I’ve always loved books and being a part of making them seemed like the best job in the world. The acquisition part of my job has a detective component that really motivates me and the process of helping authors develop their ideas is creative and fun.

What projects are you working on now to develop the Communication list at UC Press? 

I’ve been at the press for one year and I’m happy that I already have projects at all stages of development. For example:

  • My first book at UC Press is Constructions of Terrorism with Michael Stohl (UC Santa Barbara Communication Department and Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies), Richard Burchill, and Scott Englund. It’s now in the hands of our book production team and will publish in Fall 2017.
  • My most recent signings include a book for the course on Strategic Environmental Communication by Lisa Leombruni at UC Santa Barbara.
  • I just finished reviewing a wonderful book on gender and identity communication, which I hope to sign to our list soon.
  • And I am working with two amazing scholars—Patricia Parker (Department Chair at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Lawrence Frey (Professor at University of Colorado, Boulder)—to develop a new series of books in the area of social justice and activism.

You’re developing new textbooks and course books. Why is new content intended for use in courses important to you? 

Communication is a vibrant and growing field right now, and there are many new and emerging topics and courses that require new content. It’s exciting to work on the first book in an area or the first book with an important new approach. Also, with so many books in advanced (9th and 10th) editions and large higher education publishers reducing their focus on upper division courses, there is often a need for a new defining text written from the ground up.

Are there other particular courses where you’re looking to develop new content?

Yes, it’s actually a pretty long list. But my focus right now is on intercultural communication, organizational communication, and global communication. I’m also exploring a series idea in rhetoric.

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