University of California Press is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kudos, a web-based service that helps researchers maximize the visibility and impact of their work. “Giving voice, reach, and impact to our authors is at the core of our mission,” notes UC Press Director Alison Mudditt. “Leveraging Kudos’ author and publisher tools helps advance this mission by making the important work of our authors more discoverable and impactful.”

Kudos provides a platform for authors to broaden the readership of their research by enabling authors to explain their work in plain language, enrich their content with links to related resources, and share their article through email, web, and social media, while directly mapping these efforts against views, downloads, altmetrics, and citations. A recent study by Nanyang Technological University shows that when people use the Kudos toolkit, they increase the full text downloads of their work by 23%.

UC Press will use Kudos to enhance the discoverability and reach of its open access programs and publications, including Collabra, Luminos and, after the journal transfers to UC Press in January 2017, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. Any author that publishes in these publications will receive a personal email inviting them to register and “claim” their work on Kudos. However, Kudos is a free service available to all researchers to explain and share publications from any publisher that provides CrossRef DOIs (researchers can register at

For more information on how UC Press authors can use Kudos, see the video below or visit