The Immigration Issue for Election 2016

Yet again, immigration has become a pivotal issue in the elections. Presidential candidates have shared their varying stances. And in response, many Latinos did their best to register to vote despite various obstacles.

Many believe that the Latino vote will be a game-changer. From now until November elections, as candidates continue to discuss immigration in regards to paths to citizenship, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), deportation raids, or border control, we should remember that every immigrant’s story is a personal one.

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3 thoughts on “The Immigration Issue for Election 2016

  1. I agree that immigration stories are really personal and all completely different. Most of the time people are just trying to make a better life for their families and I think we should probably make immigration a little easier. I also think that it shouldn’t have to come up in every major election, we all agree we need to make changes, so let’s do that and not make it such a political event.

  2. Immigrants I believe despite being in a country for a really long time are never really taken as a part of the national community and despite having all kinds of citizenship rights still fall prey to discrimination. I have faced the same and I believe many will agree to that.

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