When Cathy Toft first sat down to begin writing Parrots of the Wild, she envisioned the book as an essential piece of literature that would give many people a newfound appreciation for parrots and their complex lives. As James Gilardi–a friend of Cathy’s as well as Executive Director of the World Parrot Trust–notes in the book’s forward, “there is a great deal more going on with parrots than first meets the eye.”

Parrots of the Wild goes under the colorful exteriors of parrots to examine everything from their cognitive abilities to foraging patterns and mating behaviors. Cathy Toft and co-author Tim Wright examine over 350 species of parrots through the lens of their own work and over 2,400 published academic studies. Additionally, a portion of the book’s proceeds go towards various parrot conservation efforts around the world.

Explore a selection of the beautiful parrot images showcased in this book: