This afternoon at the American Musicological Society’s annual meeting held in Louisville, Kentucky, the Board of The Journal of Musicology honors founder Marian Green LaRue.

“Through her vision, dedication, and exacting standards, Marian brought not only gender equality but also greater opportunity for all—more slots for young scholars and for non-traditional thinkers… Although we can regret that there is no Hall of Fame for such things, by proclamation we can declare Marian Greene a foundational figure in American musicological journalism.”—Craig Wright, Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor of Music, Yale University

Professor Green LaRue founded the journal—one of few comprehensive peer-reviewed journals in musicology—in 1981, with its first issue publishing in January 1982. Since that time, The Journal of Musicology has offered articles in every period, field, and methodology of musicological scholarship, with contributors from all over the world, and ranging from senior scholars to new voices in the field.

As notes Lawrence F. Bernstein, Karen and Gary Rose Term Professor Emeritus, Department of Music, at the University of Pennsylvania, “By single-handedly establishing a new, distinguished, and enduring journal in musicology, Marian Green LaRue achieved nothing less than creatio ex nihilo. In the decades of her tenure as editor and thereafter, JM helped to expand the methodological perimeters of the discipline in a spirit of openness and respect for high standards. Over the years, it fostered the careers of generations of young scholars through its willingness to publish the most exciting early fruits of their efforts.”

In addition to founding the journal, Marian has taught musicology at New York University and the University of Louisville, and has presented numerous papers including “Aspects of Stylistic Evolution in Two Mozart Concertos: K. 271 and K. 482,” “On the Origins of the Aosta Manuscript,” and “The Songs of Willie Nelson: Voice of the Self in America’s Age of Protest.”

Please join the Board of The Journal of Musicology and UC Press in celebrating a remarkable career.