And now for something completely different: introducing the first-ever history of laughter in China! Lauded by legendary Python Eric Idle as “the finest in its field to include a lyric by me,” The Age of Irreverence shot to the #1 spot on Amazon’s New Releases in Asian Literary History and demand hasn’t slowed since.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a sneak peek at the Executive Preface:

Congratulations on buying the Executive Edition of this book. You have chosen wisely, and I value your discerning taste in deciding to pay the few extra cents for a product of real quality. Everything in this book has been designed to meet the exacting standards that you have naturally come to expect. The content has been quality graded to give you the finest in reading pleasure. The paper itself has been milled from the very finest British Columbian softwood. The text has been printed to fit exactly onto the pages of your book, or e-reader, with all the precision of finest Californian craftsmanship. There is little or no offending academic jargon apart from four metacritical interventions, two hermeneutical exegeses, and a paradigmatic (re)inscription. And as they only occur in this preface, you’re past them now.

reaOr check out the bounty of praise and attention The Age of Irreverence has garnered this year, including a Q&A with the author from the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, or this audio podcast of a conversation between the author and Timothy Brook, 2015 President of the Association of Asian Studies. Curious about what China’s age of irreverence has to tell us about global trends in entertainment, cinema, or new media? Head straight to this author discussion with Henry Jenkins.

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