Bike lane in downtown Los Angeles
Bike lane in downtown Los Angeles (via Wikimedia Commons)

On KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand (segment starts at 41:30), Boom Editor Jon Christensen argues that despite popular perception, Los Angeles is now becoming a model for urban sustainability. Echoing arguments made in his recent High Country News article, “Brave new L.A.”, Christensen points to L.A.’s progress on water conservation, solar energy, bike lanes, and denser development as positive signs that the city is on its way to a less car-centered, more livable future. He cautions, however, that there is still more to be done and Los Angeles should “hold [Mayor Eric Garcetti’s] feet to the fire” on these issues.

Listen now for the full story and to hear freelance journalist Emily Green’s counterargument to Christensen’s optimism.