On Saturday, June 22nd, the Boston Museum of Science will open an exhibition of photographs by Gary Braasch, environmental photojournalist and author of the book, Earth under Fire. Braasch’s work not only reveals how climate change is altering our planet, but how humans are working to slow these changes through alternative energy use and conservation.

Each photograph is informed by information from scientific research, showing scientists at work collecting data, and locations ranging from the Arctic to Bangladesh and the Great Barrier Reef where climate change is already having an effect. The show ends with images of some of the actions being taken to reduce global warming pollution. Braasch, winner of the Ansel Adams Award, has been documenting climate change and its solutions since 1999 in his project, World View of Global Warming.

There are two special events Braasch will participate in to launch the exhibition: a public talk by a panel of Boston area climate scientists on Sunday, June 23rd at 1:30 pm and a gallery talk about his photography and climate documentary project on Monday, June 24th at 11:30 am. Both events are in the Current Science and Technology stage, open to all museum visitors.