UC Press Podcast: God in Proof

God in Proof coverIn the latest UC Press Podcast episode, writer and editor Nathan Schneider takes us on a philosophical tour of proofs, from the ancient to the modern, revealing the historical continuum of arguments for and against the existence of God. His new book, God in Proof, explores centuries of believers and unbelievers—from ancient Greeks, to medieval Arabs, to today’s most eminent philosophers and the New Atheists.

Schneider’s sure-handed portrayal of the characters and ideas involved in the search for proof challenges how we normally think about doubt and faith while showing that, in their quest for certainty and the proofs to declare it, thinkers on either side of the God divide are often closer to one another than they would like to think. No matter where you fall of the spectrum of belief, this podcast will surely give you something think—or argue—about.

Listen to the podcast now: