100781110001Congratulations to historians and UC Press authors Peter Brown and Romila Thapar, who are joint winners of the 2008 Kluge Prize
for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Humanity. The prize of $1
million is issued by the Library of Congress, and recognizes lifetime
achievement in a wide range of fields, from history to linguistics. Both winners received praise for their groundbreaking work, depth of study and expertise, and the ability to bring long-ago eras and figures to life in their writing. Romila Thapar, professor emeritus in history at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, is the author of the acclaimed Early India. Peter Brown is a professor at Princeton University and the author of Augustine of Hippo, the classic biography of St. Augustine, and Society and the Holy in Late Antiquity. Thapar and Brown will share the award.