Our Journals and Digital Publishing Division produces print and online journals in a variety of topics that span the humanities and social sciences, with concentrations in sociology, musicology, history, religion, cultural and area studies, ornithology, law, and literature.

Here’s a selection of some of our fastest growing journals. For a more complete picture, check out our Journals Division site. There, you’ll find current and archived issues and accessible articles from each journal.

Journal of Vietnamese StudiesJournal of Vietnamese Studies is a new journal that promotes and publishes original social science and humanities research about Vietnamese history, politics, culture and society, as well as Vietnam-related topics that have traditionally been set apart from mainstream area studies scholarship such as the Vietnamese diaspora and the Vietnam War. In addition to full-length research articles, the Journal of Vietnamese Studies includes book reviews, communications with the editor, and occasionally also translations of important Vietnamese language documents and texts. Additionally, a regular section reserved for book reviews and longer review essays serves to provide a running diagnosis of the state of the field and to establish an arena for deliberation, conversation and debate about both new work and significant intellectual trends within Vietnamese studies as a whole.]


Federal Sentencing ReporterFederal Sentencing Reporter explores in detail the complex sector of sentencing law, practice and theory. Along with the presentation of new ideas and viewpoints on existing legislation and sentencing guidelines, the journal examines questions of sentencing policy and the practical application of modern sentencing reforms. FSR is more than a law review–it is an invaluable resource for legal changes and current debate in the field of sentencing. Published five times annually, each issue features articles, cases and other primary materials written by judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, probation officers, scholars, and members of sentencing commissions. Federal Sentencing Reporter is a must-read for anyone interested in sentencing practices and theory, criminal law, and the U. S. Court system.


Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics: An International JournalThe Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics is a new journal that publishes empirical research and reviews of empirical literature on human research ethics. Empirical knowledge translates ethical principles into procedures appropriate to specific cultures, contexts, and research topics. By presenting such work, JERHRE aims to improve ethical problem solving in human research and provide an ongoing basis for the establishment of best practice guidelines. In addition, JERHRE seeks to create collaboration among institutions and researchers concerned about the responsible conduct of research by disseminating knowledge and information to foster the intelligent application of ethical principles in research contexts worldwide. The goals the journal promotes are respect and protection of human subjects and methodology to produce valid and ethical research

Law and LiteratureLaw and Literature, published tri-annually and edited by faculty of the Cardozo School of Law and a board of international scholars, is one of only two journals in the country entirely focused on the interdisciplinary movement known as Law and Literature. The movement, which extols law-related literature and the literary value of legal documents, provides a unique perspective on how law and literature are mutually enlightening.

Issues in private law and public law, restrictions on creative expression, gender and racial bias, hermeneutics (interpretive methodologies), and legal themes in works of literature are among the journal’s regular topics.

Huntington Library QuarterlyHuntington Library Quarterly publishes articles on the literature, history, and art of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries in Britain and America, with special emphasis on:

• The interactions of literature, politics, and religion
• The social and political contexts of literary and art history
• Textual and bibliographical studies, including the history of printing and publishing
• American studies, through the early nineteenth century
• The performance history of drama and music

The journal also publishes book reviews and review articles on important work in early modern studies. The Intramuralia section now reports comprehensively on the Huntington’s acquisitions of rare books, manuscripts, and ephemera.

Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture – Combining a keen appreciation for the pleasures and aesthetics of food with the latest in food studies, Gastronomica is a vital forum for ideas, discussion, and thoughtful reflection on the history, literature, representation, and cultural impact of food. In each issue you’ll find provocative analyses, including the latest interdisciplinary research from noted scholars that considers the relationship between food and culture throughout the world.  From  news to techniques, design to reviews, poetry to prose, Gastronomica presents a mix of articles and features by culinary professionals, historians, architects, photographers, poets, artists, and others, and you can expect sumptuous images depicting the richness and vibrancy of food and our joy in preparing and consuming it.

Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent ReligionsNova Religio presents scholarly interpretations and examinations of emergent and alternative religious movements. Original research, perspectives on the study of new religions, literature reviews, and conference updates keep scholars well informed on a wide range of topics including:

• New religions
• New movements within established religious traditions
• Neo-indigenous, neo-polytheistic and revival movements
• Ancient Wisdom and New Age groups
• Diasporic religious movements
• Marginalized and stigmatized religions

The journal contributes to understanding unconventional religions in their particularities and in relation to the larger social contexts in which they are situated. Nova Religio is both multidisciplinary and international in its scope.