We are pleased to announce that Episodes 11 and 12 of the UC Press podcast series are now available. In February’s episodes, Chris Gondek of Heron and Crane Productions interviews a sociologist and a food writer.

Jeri Quinzio talks about the history of ice cream in her newest book, Of Sugar and Snow: A History of Ice Cream Making. Allison J. Pugh discusses parenting and consumer culture in her book, Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children and Consumer Culture.

You may subscribe to the monthly podcast feed that contains the individual episodes using your RSS aggregator or directly via the iTunes store.  You can listen to individual author interviews from the episodes at our podcast page.

Listen to the podcast with Jeri Quinzio: [podcast]https://www.ucpress.edu/content/podcasts/10659.mp3[/podcast]

Listen to the podcast with Allison Pugh: [podcast]https://www.ucpress.edu/content/podcasts/10994.mp3[/podcast]