This is best left in the words of Scott Norton, our Director of Editing, Design and Production:


I’m proud to announce that four of our books have recently won two prestigious design awards.

Infinite City, The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Culinary Ephemera, and The Exultant Ark have all received awards at the 37th Bookbuilders West Book Show.

Infinite City is also one of the winners in AIGA’s 50 Book/50 Covers 2011 Competition. You may not have heard of 50 Books/50 Covers before, but these selections exemplify the best current work in book design as chosen by a distinguished jury of design peers. Founded in 1914, the American Institute of Graphic Arts remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design.

Please join me in congratulating the designers and their team members! They are:

Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas
Author: Rebecca Solnit
Sponsor: Niels Hooper
Designer: Lia Tjandra
PC: Sam Rosenthal
PE: Dore Brown






The Autobiography of Mark Twain
Editors: Harriet E. Smith et al
Sponsor: Laura Cerruti
Designer: Sandy Drooker
PC: Sam Rosenthal
PE: Marilyn Schwartz





Culinary Ephemera
Author: William Woys Weaver
Sponsor: Sheila Levine
Designer: Claudia Smelser
PC: Pam Augspurger
PE: Dore Brown





The Exultant Ark
Author: Jonathan Balcombe
Sponsor: Hannah Love
Designer: Lia Tjandra
PC: Sam Rosenthal
PE: Dore Brown