Every day, innocent books, books that wanted nothing more than to spread knowledge, each like a little paper Prometheus, get hurt. And when that happens, often these books fall between the cracks and end up in hurt book bins, unread, unloved, fearing being turned to pulp.

Will you help us bring these injured tomes a better future? By joining us at the 2011 UC Press Hurt Book Sale, you’ll be giving these poor dears a new home AND a new hope that the wisdom and light contained in their pages will not simply sputter in the darkness…and be extinguished.

Oh, and you’ll be saving an incredible amount of money to boot. All paperbacks are $5 and all hardcovers are $10.

So please, come to our Hurt Book Sale, located in front of our offices at 2120 Berkeley Way, just one block North of University Ave, on Thursday, October 13 between 9am – 5pm, and do what you can.

The UC Press Hurt Book Sale – Doing Good by Doing What’s Good for You.