Grace Lee Boggs Featured in The Nation

The legendary civil rights activist, writer, and organizer Grace Lee Boggs was the subject of a recent multimedia profile in The Nation. The feature included a podcast interview, a video from her panel at the Brecht Forum, and an excerpt from her new book, written with Scott Kurashige, The Next American Revolution. Boggs describes her rich history of involvement with this country’s major social movements, and sets forward her vision for a new form of activism in the twenty-first century.

Boggs and Kurashige were also hosted by the Michael Eric Dyson Show this week. In the interview (which begins at minute 13:50), they spoke about societal change and what is needed in today’s social justice movements.

Watch the video from the Brecht Forum below, and read the book’s first chapter on our website.

One thought on “Grace Lee Boggs Featured in The Nation

  1. I like that they mention the importance of criticizing one’s own movement. The word revolution is attractive, but over used. She says it is really a rebirth and an opportunity to find hope where it isn’t obvious. Revolutions can happen all the time, it is just the chaotic nature of growth. Tomorrow I go to Caracas. Every time I go (about every 2 years) I see what a sham revolutions are. When there is no criticism of one’s own movement, a revolution becomes sclerotic and egoistic.

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