Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree cover imageJonathan Losos, Harvard professor and author of Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles, now available in paperback, has announced the launch of a new blog focused on all things Anolis.

Anole Annals aspires to be the clearinghouse for information, observations, and announcements of all matters involving lizards of the genus Anolis, including reports on new papers, description of natural history observations, information on ongoing research projects and interests, anecdotes, photographs, and news on anoles in commerce, history, and philosophy.

Visit the blog to read about how anoles respond to robotic lizards, see incredible photos of a small vine snake trying to devour a large male Anolis longitibialis, learn about the parallels between orchid and anole evolution, see the top ten gear essentials for Anolis field research, and much more.