Infinite City coverUC Press congratulates Rebecca Solnit on winning two major awards for Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas: the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) Award for Regional Title of the Year, and the Northern California Book Award for Creative Nonfiction.

The NCIBA Awards are decided by local booksellers who choose their favorite books in seven different categories; all books are written by authors living in the region. The Northern California Book Awards are decided by the Northern California Book Reviewers (NCBR) and honor the work of Northern California authors and translators.

Also honored was Richard O. Moore’s Writing the Silences. Moore was a Finalist in the Poetry category for both the NCIBA and NCBR Awards.

For more on Writing the Silences, read Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s wonderful book review in the Coal Hill Review. An excerpt:

As I rocked side to side in my seat, as the marshlands flashed past with their mirror-shards, and we rattled and swayed westward toward the bay, I felt “the hot and onrushing blood” [“The Winter Garden”] of Moore’s words rushing along inside me.