Natasha Warikoo
Natasha Warikoo, credit: Janet Stearns

In this episode of the Harvard EdCast, a weekly podcast produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Natasha Warikoo discusses some of the topics in her new book, Balancing Acts: Youth Culture in the Global City. She looks at issues like how culture can inform students’ academic trajectories, and whether bringing elements of “youth culture” like hip-hop music into the classroom facilitates learning.

Baggy pants, often the foe of many school administrators and disciplinarians, signify more than just an oppositional statement, Warikoo argues. She urges educators to look more closely at the finer points of style choices, to try and understand them in the context of what the student is trying to achieve socially and culturally. To listen to the interview, visit the Harvard EdCast iTunes page, where it is podcast #15.