Balcombe author photo
Jonathan Balcombe. Photo credit: Michelle Riley/The HSUS

Fashion and style website The Ethical Man has named UC Press author Jonathan Balcombe the first in their Ethical Men series, a new feature honoring men who embody the spirit of the site by “going the extra mile on animals’ behalf or simply being a day-in, day-out example of a good man,” with extra points for “great personal style.” Balcombe’s new book with UC Press, The Exultant Ark: A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure, is due out in May. His previous books, which include Pleasurable Kingdom and Second Nature, have sold over 30,000 copies to date.

The Exultant Ark cover imageThe Ethical Man writes that Balcombe’s work “contends with the reality that other animals are much more sophisticated than most members of homo sapiens understand — and in many ways, as or more sophisticated than humans. These books are indispensable resources for the ethical community, and by demonstrating our deeper connections to non-human animals, Jonathan has confronted head-on a pervasive, prejudicial, and inconceivably harmful superstition in our supposedly modern society.”

For more from Balcombe, follow his blog at Psychology Today, The Inner Lives of Animals, where he writes about veganism, humane testing, and understanding animal behavior.