Mark Twain, Fresh Off the Factory Line

The Thomson-Shore printing company in Dexter, MI is working overtime to keep up with orders for the Autobiography of Mark Twain—over 300,000 so far. To speed up delivery, they “found bigger-than-usual trucks to carry books to warehouses in Richmond, Calif., and Ewing, N.J. — the trucks carry 10,000 copies instead of the usual 7,000,” according to a recent New York Times story on the unexpected demand for the Autobiography.

We love these photos of the book fresh off the press, sent to us by Thomson-Shore. Take a look below. And watch this news report from local station WDIV in Detroit for more scenes from inside the factory and a take on how the Autobiography is affecting the local economy.
Twain 01

Twain 02

Twain 02

Twain Copies 4

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  1. That’s very cool. I’ve never actually seen the inside of a printing press. What a process. Congratulations on the great demand, I can’t wait to read the Autobiography of Mark Twain.

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