If one were going to look in the dictionary of “Gilding the Lily,” you would likely see a picture of me talking up all the reviews, raves, and features about the Autobiography of Mark Twain.

Note: Don’t actually do this. You’ll likely be disappointed as I don’t think we’re actually in the dictionary…I mean, there was that time Don told me I was in there under the word “gullible” but then he said that “gullible” wasn’t in the dictionary at all, so I don’t really know what to think, except that Don’s something of a meanie-butt and he very seldom reads this blog, so I can say pretty much what I want.

I went all digress-y again, didn’t I? Where are those breadcrumbs…ah…here we are…

November 15 was the official publication date for the Autobiography of Mark Twain! As expected, many outlets keyed to this date for the timing of review coverage; over the past five days alone, we’ve had a bounty of print reviews and radio segments, including great coverage on Monday morning’s NPR/Morning Edition.

Still on the horizon, we have Time magazine, November 22 issue. And a taping with NPR/Fresh Air, November 18.

Coverage this week (most of these are links, so make with the clicking):

Playboy, December issue – excerpt ran, with cover mention (We only read it for the articles. Really.)

Boston Review, Nov/Dec issue – lengthy review, with cover mention

Entertainment Weekly, Nov. 10

Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Nov. 10

Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 12

Kansas City Star, Nov. 12

The National (government-owned English-language daily newspaper published in Abu Dhabi.), Nov 12

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Nov 12

Scotsman (Scottish national newspaper, published in Edinburgh), Nov 12

Austin American Statesman, Nov. 12

Wall Street Journal, Nov 13

Seattle Times, Nov. 13

Globe & Mail (Toronto), Nov. 13

San Jose Mercury News, Nov. 13

San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 13

Los Angeles Times, November 14, full-page cover of the Arts & Books section

Dallas Morning News, Nov. 14

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 14

Buffalo News, Nov. 14

Boston Globe, Nov. 14

New York Times, The Bay Citizen, Nov. 14
**Note that this story was part of a daily blogging project about the Autobiography. The Bay Citizen also ran daily features about the book, including an interview with editor Harriet Smith and a previously-unpublished excerpt, Nov 8-14.

Los Angeles Times/Jacket Copy (Books Blog), Nov 14

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 15:  Former books editor David Ulin hosted an online chat about all things-Twain, 11 am PST.

NBC/Bay Area News, Nov. 15

Sacramento Bee, Nov. 15 (story about the excerpt running in Playboy, per Playboy’s press release)

NEW YORK TIMES, November 17, 2010, Book mention

Bestseller lists
While starting at #2 on the NY Times Bestseller list, we’ve gone up and down a bit, but I think we’re likely to rise back up after all the aforementioned hoop-la.

One of Amazon.com’s 100 best books of the year (#65).

USA Today’s bestseller list (Currently at #44.  It’s the Nation’s newspaper, people!)

We’re currently the #1 bestseller at Powell’s.

And lastly:
When you’ve made the Mirriam-Webster people stand up and take notice, you know you’ve done something.

We’ll likely turn this into a regular page and keep it updated so you can find out the latest without us blabbing about it all the time and making all the other publishers look bad.

‘Cause we’re sweet that way.