The Coming Famine cover imageJulian Cribb delivers a shocking report on the future of food security in this podcast for Radio Ecoshock. Cribb is an award-winning journalist and science writer and the author of The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It. He says people are reluctant to understand population growth, but warns we may soon learn its difficult lessons as we experience a global food shortage in the next 50 years.

Right now, the world is consuming more resources than ever before in human history. Factor in uncontrolled population growth, a growing middle class in countries like India and China, an over-reliance on meat and dairy products in the United States and Europe, and weak political resolve to combat these issues, and the result is rising food prices, political and trade instability, regional famines, refugee crises, and possibly even wars by mid-century.

Rather than wait for a food crisis to arrive, Cribb urges governments to take a proactive approach through programs like agricultural education, curbing food waste, promoting vegetable consumption, and recycling nutrients and water.

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Listen to the podcast to learn how the food crisis affects everyone: