Wine’s Less Traveled Roads

Filet bean and scallop salad, paired with Assyrtiko

Many people are interested in venturing beyond the classic, familiar wines at dinner, but pairing new flavors with food can be a challenge. In this week’s episode of The Splendid Table, Evan Goldstein talked to host Lynne Rossetto Kasper about how to bring emerging wines and delicious recipes together in flavorful harmony.

In the interview, Goldstein gives his advice on how to show off the elements of three summer-perfect white wines: crisp, citrusy Assyrtiko, Sardinian Vermentino. and fruity-floral Torrontes, and shows how once you open your mind to wine’s less-traveled roads, the terrain gets a lot more interesting.

Listen to Evan Goldstein on The Splendid Table.

2 thoughts on “Wine’s Less Traveled Roads

  1. In the splendid table audio they go on about ice cream and how the fruit flavours are made more intense by using over-ripened fruits with a higher sugar content. I believe the same principle appies in wine production?
    Enjoyed the Sardinian Vermentino with a king crab dish, this mediterranean wine is well complimented with seafood. Made from a spicy, dry white grape.

  2. I had a Torrontes and it was splendid. With Seabass it was a real treat. I cannot find it anywhere in So Cal so if anyone knows where let me know. 🙂 K

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