This existential moment requires more than ever the creation of sound information based on sound research to cut through all the nonsense that comes out of places of power.”

As the year sunsets on our 125th anniversary, we would like to look back and reflect upon all that it means to be a scholarly publisher, consider our identity, and examine the significance of our work in the 21st century.

Join our authors, editors, designers, and more as we share our unique perspectives on the ethos, accomplishments, and impact of UC Press. What are our personal motivations, how did the press become what it is today, and what does it mean to be a scholarly publisher in 2018?

We are pleased to premiere a series of videos profiling these questions and offering just a few of the answers. Please enjoy, share with friends, and join the Press community by making a donation to the UC Press Foundation. Many thanks!




About the UC Press Foundation

As a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the UC Press Foundation raises funds to support UC Press and its vital role as an independent progressive publisher. Donations from both individuals and institutions enable UC Press to publish nearly 200 new books and over 30 multi-issue journals annually, maintain approximately 5,000 backlist titles in print, and offer some 3,000 books and all its journals in digital formats.