At the start of this new year, we look to those whose research and books help change how people think, plan, and govern in our world today. Happy New Year from the University of California Press.

A New Approach to Governance

Renovating Democracy: Governing in the Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism by Nathan Gardels and Nicolas Berggruen

Nathan Gardels
Nicolas Berggruen

“Compelling, intelligent, forward-looking, and practical.”—Fareed Zakaria, CNN, Washington Post, and author of In Defense of a Liberal Education

“A sharp analysis of the challenges the digital future presents to legacy political and economic institutions with a set of out-of-the-box ideas for changing them.”—Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University, author of Identity


The Meaning of Borders

No Go World: How Fear Is Redrawing Our Maps and Infecting Our Politics by Ruben Andersson

Ruben Andersson

“An impressive and wide-ranging tour de force.”—Hans Lucht, author of Darkness before Daybreak 

“One of the best books on what is commonly perceived in the West as the ‘refugee crisis’ but is in fact a world rent by fear and conflict, with refugees as one symptom.”—Craig Calhoun, University Professor of Social Sciences, Arizona State University, and former Director of the London School of Economics



The Future of Work

Uberland:How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work by Alex Rosenblat

Alex Rosenblat

“A timely, accessible analysis of a Silicon Valley innovator that disrupted an industry.”—GeekWire

“Functions as an examination of both how Uber’s algorithms are changing the way companies operate and exert control over their workers and how those workers are experiencing these changes.”—Slate




Raise Your Voice for Facts

Championing Science: Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers by Roger Aines and Amy Aines

Amy Aines and Roger Aines

“Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to make sure that their messages land soundly and powerfully with important audiences.”—Laura Lindenfeld, Professor and Director, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, Stony Brook University“

A wonderfully informative playbook of examples and recommendations. And a vitally needed resource to improve the science-society conversation.”—Daniel Kammen, Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley